1. Cancellation policy

a) Deposit payment will be required to confirm your order
b) Deposits are non-refundable upon cancellation.
c) Request to cancel on ongoing projects is subject to terms and conditions.
d) Please notify us by email on cancellation – info@reno.com.my


2. Refund and Return Policy

a) Any refunds and returns are subject to approval, terms and conditions.
b) Every service offered by us takes different course of action to get accomplished from start to end thus refund policy differs from one service to other.
c) No refund is possible for the fee paid in the form of administrative fees or installation charges.
d) Taxes paid on services levied by regulatory bodies would not be refunded with fee refund.
e) Should the progress at the point of refund fall within the amount of the deposit, the balance shall be returned to the customer.

f) Should a refund be approved, the balance sum shall be returned to the original payor. He/She shall issue an E-mail related to the refund, consisting the following details:
– Name
– Mykad Number
– Contact Number
– Purchase receipt
– Invoice
– Bank Name
– Account Number
– Swift Code (if any).

g) Reno Paltform is not liable to pay refund if delay or service disruption happens due to third party involvement.
h) Refunds shall take up to 14 working days since the date of approval to be transferred to the customer’s bank account.
i) All items intended to be returned to Reno Platform are subject to inspection. Our Company reserves the right to reject any return request should the returning items be found faulty, damaged, and not in its/their original state of condition.
j) Please notify us by email on refund & return – info@reno.com.my